About us

The Comunità Brezzano

is a Christian association which runs a social pedagogic attractive commune in Tuscany.

The houses are beautifully situated between Siena and the Mediterranean sea.

The therapeutic setting involves working on the farm, one on one therapy, spiritual welfare, as well as a new outlook on life.

The community was founded by swiss Christians in 1972 as a response to the evolving drug problems. We are intercultural and embrace you as a part of our family. The basis of our common life and work is the biblical word and experience that Jesus heals and liberates even today.

We live in two houses, Casa Nuova and Casa Metanoia. The third house Casa Shalom we offer as a guesthouse.

As an Association we are not bound by any government subsidies. We are financed by the participants and guests, as well as voluntary donations from friends and members of the association.