Association Comunità Brezzano

Our function

Based on our belief in Jesus Christ we support the community in Brezzano who works to integrate and rehabilitate people who are excluded from day to day life.

On the basis of common roots we pay special attention to our relationship to people of Jewish origin and Israelis, whether in a helping relationship, encounter or friendship.

The association supports the social work "Comunità Brezzano" in Travale (Tuscany) in prayer, advisory and financial support.

The Board

Enzo Galizzi, President - I am from Zürich, my mother is Italian and my father is from Tessin. My professional career began as an accountant in a bank, where I still work today. I got to know Jürg Geilinger through a different project, 'Project Resgate'. He recommended me as President of the association. I have known about the community for a long time and readily agreed to take responsibility for the finances.

Jürg Geilinger, Vice President - The community Brezzano cannot consist on its own. It is a place of community and friendship with God and people. I enjoy being a part of it.

Maria Meier-Kirsch - I belong to the generation of founders of the Comunità Brezzano. I am so happy that God has given us so much time to build and stay true to our foundation - healing, change and freedom through Jesus. I like taking new steps with the next generation.

Boris Michin - I have grown through the many phases of the Comunità Brezzano. It is important to me that the Israelis in danger can get some respite from their situation and find peace here, to help them find God.

Margrith Burger - Maria and I have been friends for a long time. We met through a community help group in Israel and through other groups over the years.

Corinna Schmidt - Through my long standing involvement with the community, I made the decision to be a Member of the Board.

Anna Buess - Through my experiences in life within the community I am always happy to return there and am surprised at Gods way with the community. I am glad that I can help with the mailing lists.

Werner and Heidi Dallapiazza - We met Maria at a seminar, and after a holiday at Casa Shalom with friends, we knew that God had connected us to Maria and the community.
Heidi - I can use my graphic design knowledge within the community.
Werner - I am a Civil Engineer and I can use my knowledge to support the community with the building projects.