For whom is it?


Target groups

  • People with mental health and integration problems.
  • People with varying addictions.
  • Single mothers.

Basic regulations

  • Bring integration and structure into someone’s daily routine.
  • No alcohol or illegal substances.
  • Upon need collaboration with external social workers, psychiatrists etc.
Duration 3 to 24 months
Room for 5 men and women from the age of 18
Daily rate 100 Swiss francs

The duration of your stay will be agreed on an individual basis.


Surrounded by countryside and a serene and simple lifestyle helps you to find inner peace and to get used to a new orientation.

Therefore we offer Sabbaticals, help in burnout situations and burnout prevention in the guesthouse Casa Shalom.

Agreement for Time-outs / Sabbaticals are arranged based on the needs of each individual.

We gladly invite you to take part in group activities such as trips, bible discussions etc.

We also offer consultations and spiritual welfare (prayer, counselling).

Informal unforced ‘get-togethers' are part of our family oriented, southern culture and everyone is welcome.

The daily charges are arranged individually with food and lodging from 40 to 70 Swiss francs.

Your costs can be reduced through hourly work rates by helping out around the farm, (sheep-farming, house and garden and other projects).

Time-out for Israeli people

The service for Israel could be

  • Social diaconal help for people who suffer from an addiction to drugs and with mental health issues. In collaboration with our partners in Israel, we offer rehabilitation time-outs in Tuscany.
  • A holiday and recreation offer for those from the border areas who live continually with bomb threats and sirens.
  • Our guesthouse 'Casa Shalom' is available to those concerned who would otherwise be unable to afford to travel abroad.
  • We are a Jewish/Christian community and work daily in collaboration with each other. As such we like to think of ourselves as part of the Messianic Jewish Movement.

The costs for this offer are commonly financed by sponsors. Are you interested in being a part of this 'Service for Israel'?

  • through prayer and intersession.
  • through practical work.
  • one-off or regular donations.


For community / rehabilitation
IBAN CH46 0070 0110 0051 5863 1

For Support of building maintenance
IBAN CH32 0070 0110 0058 2323 6


Maria Meier-Kirsch
Manager of the Comunità Brezzano
Telephone +39 0566 997793